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4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About the Bone Graft Procedure

Bone Graft Franklin, TN

Sometimes, a bone graft is a requirement for restoring a smile. Dental implants work better if there is enough bone mass in the jaw. A bone graft procedure must happen if you need more bone for your dental implant. If you want to talk to your dentist about a possible bone graft procedure, here are four questions you can consider asking.

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft is like a spackle to any hole. The jawbone needs to be firm, complete, and strong. It should be a sound foundation for dental implants. The dentist places bone particles into the hole left from extracting the damaged tooth. Then, the dentist covers the hole with a sterile bandage or a membrane. The body breaks down the bone particles and incorporates them into the jawbone.

This graft maintains the space left by the missing tooth. It acts as scaffolding to prevent the collapse of the space. The dentist does not want the patient to lose any height on the jawbone. The graft keeps the bone walls stable. This makes the jawbone stronger for the titanium rods during dental implant surgery.

What sedation is appropriate for a bone grafting procedure?

Some patients are all right with being awake with local Novocain shots. The surrounding area of the bone grafting will be numb. This option is for patients who want to be conscious during the procedure. The patient will not feel the pain at all.

A nurse anesthetist can give IV sedation to patients who want to be asleep during the procedure. This type of sedation allows the patient to breathe unassisted. It is less risky than general anesthesia. It helps patients who have a hard time with dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide gas is another option. Once the gas stops flowing, the sedation loses its effect. A sedative pill is also a good way to make the patient fall asleep during the procedure. The patient must take it the night before the procedure.

How can a bone graft fail?

Infection is the primary cause of bone grafting failure. Even with proper care and maintenance, the infection can still set into the graft site. This often delays healing. Re-grafting can resolve this. It will ensure that the patient will have enough bone for the dental implant.

The body may also reject the bone graft. This happens if the bone particles do not dissolve. If this happens, the dentist will need to remove the bone particles and clean the hole out. Another grafting technique may be an option to place enough support for the dental implant.

How long will it take for the bone grafting site to heal?

A bone graft will heal for at least four months. This is enough time to make the graft strong enough to support the dental implant. It is common for the dentist to perform tooth extraction and bone grafting at the same time. The membrane placement follows right after the graft.

Having a bone graft can strengthen your jaw and establish a strong foundation for your implants

Restoring a smile may need more preparation than usual. A bone grafting procedure will give your jawbone more strength and durability. After healing, the dental implant procedure can start. An appointment with your dentist will help prepare you for your upcoming bone graft procedure.

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