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5 Reasons to See a General Dentist Every Six Months

General Dentist Franklin, TN

Visiting a general dentist twice every year is essential to keeping your mouth healthy. Good oral hygiene goes a long way, but issues like tooth decay, gum disease, or worn-down teeth can still develop, regardless of how well a person takes care of their teeth.

A general dentist will evaluate you every time you step into the clinic. This gives them a chance to perform preventative and restorative treatments as needed.

Reasons to see a general dentist twice a year

Need convincing to keep up with biannual dental checkups? Here are a few reasons that patients should never miss them.

1. Tartar is removed

Tartar promotes tooth decay and gum disease. It forms when plaque is left on teeth surfaces for prolonged periods. Plaque can be removed by brushing or flossing, but the same does not hold true for tartar, which hardens on teeth surfaces and needs to be scraped off using a dental tool called a scaler.

Removing tartar helps protect patients against tooth decay and gum disease. It also removes surface stains on teeth, since most of those form on tartar.

2. The patient’s mouth is examined

Dentists perform visual examinations every time that a patient comes into the clinic. Based on their findings, additional tests, like X-rays, might be performed. The importance of these visual examinations cannot be overstated, since they often lead to developing issues being spotted. It is generally cheaper to treat a dental issue in its early stages than it is to fix it after it has been allowed to progress.

For example, tooth decay can be reversed in its early stages with fluoride treatments, but that is no longer an option once a large cavity forms. Cavities can be easily treated with fillings, but more extensive and expensive treatments, like root canals, might be required if the cavity expands.

3. Preventative treatments are performed

Dentists can perform preventative treatments if they notice that the patient’s teeth are vulnerable to issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Popular preventative treatments performed by dentists include dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

4. Restorative treatments can be performed

Many issues that a dentist might notice during a routine checkup can be treated immediately during the same visit. This often ends up saving the patient from having to make an additional trip. Dental issues that would have eventually forced the patient to go to a clinic for treatment can be fixed during routine checkups

5. Cosmetic treatments can be performed

General dentists can also perform cosmetic treatments, so routine checkups provide a great opportunity to discuss such issues with a dentist. Treatments like teeth whitening or the application of composite bonding can be completed during the same visit.

Regular trips to the dentist keep your smile intact

Visiting a dentist at least twice a year goes a long way when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. When was your last checkup? Give us a call to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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