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A Family Dentist Discusses Gum Recession

I Think My Gums Are Receding Franklin, TN

If you are facing gum recession, you probably have some questions about why this is happening and what it means. Your dentist can resolve your concerns and help treat this issue. Receding gums can affect the aesthetics of your smile. It can also be a serious oral health problem if you ignore it. As you understand more about this condition, you can take the right steps to correct it.

Proper gum care is critical

When it comes to good oral hygiene, most people realize that daily brushing is vital. However, too many individuals neglect the importance of flossing and how it impacts their health. People should also floss every day. Doing this dislodges food particles and other debris from in between teeth and the gumline. As a result, bacteria will not grow and form plaque and tartar. Brushing can also help to maintain healthy gums.

An overview of gum recession

Receding gums is not a problem that happens all at once but takes place gradually. It is characterized by the pulling away of the gums from the teeth. When it happens, more of the tooth, including the root, is exposed. When gums recede, there will be pockets between the teeth where bacteria can hide and grow.

How gums recede

The most common cause of gum recession is gum disease. Gingivitis and periodontitis are results of poor flossing habits. When a person flosses incorrectly or not regularly, the gums will become tender and inflamed. The bacteria will begin to wear away the tissue as well. Some people experience receding gums because of genetic issues. Another way in which this happens is when a person brushes with too much force, wearing away the gums.

The consequences

Gum recession is nothing to take lightly or ignore. It is a significant problem that has negative effects if the dentist does not treat it. Eventually, the tissue can leave teeth exposed, causing tooth loss. There can even be bone loss. Cosmetically, it can be embarrassing and make the person’s smile less attractive.

Preventing it

In most cases, receding gums is something that people can prevent. The most effective way to do this is to floss each day. People should make sure to floss thoroughly between each tooth. Brushing the gums can help too. The dentist may also recommend using a mouthwash and rinsing after meals.


Cleaning the gums can yield the most promising treatment results for gum recession. Scraping the gumline of plaque and tartar can combat gum disease. These processes are known as root planing and scaling. The dentist might also use antibiotics to kill invading bacteria. In more serious cases, the dentist may fold back the gums and remove the bacteria from the gaps under the gums.

Be aware, be vigilant

If you notice that your gums are receding, talk to your dentist. You do not need to panic, but you should act quickly and make the necessary changes to get healthier gums. With the right response and treatment, you can fight against gum recession. Your smile and your oral health can improve.

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