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Can You Relax at the Dentist’s With Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentist Franklin, TN

Sleep dentistry is a popular way to undergo certain appointments or procedures that may cause discomfort, pain, or anxiety. While it is not separate from general or cosmetic dentistry, the practices are implemented into each sector based on the patient's needs and the dentist's recommendation. Individuals that experience anxiety about certain procedures or even routine appointments can consider sleep dentistry. Keep reading to learn more. 

Sleep dentistry for relaxing during a dental appointment

Below is a quick overview of sleep dentistry, which is also known as sedation dentistry. The practice can be quite helpful to get familiar with as it promotes relaxation, thus easing nerves and reducing pain.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is the practice of administering a method of sedation to induce relaxation, ease, and comfort. There are a few methods of sleep dentistry that may be implemented during the appointment, based on the patient's specific needs. 


There are three main levels of sleep dentistry, each requiring an understanding of what to expect. 

Mild methods of sleep dentistry typically refer to nitrous oxide or oral medications. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas. While it does not necessarily induce "sleep" as the name sleep dentistry implies, the implementation of nitrous oxide does promote relaxation, which makes appointments and procedures a lot easier to undergo. 

Moderate sleep dentistry refers to IV sedation, which is done intravenously at the start and throughout the course of the appointment or procedure. The IV transfers anti-anxiety medications into the patient's arm, which is then sent throughout the entire body. These medications help to ease fears, nerves, and anxieties, all of which promote relaxation.

Severe or extreme methods of sleep dentistry may another type of IV sedation. However, the medications used are known as general anesthesia, which does actually put the patient to sleep, thus making them unconscious. When in the state of being unconscious, patients are not able to feel anything that is occurring, which eliminates the possibility of pain. Additionally, any feelings of fear or anxiety are immediately eliminated as the patient is asleep. 

Other things to know

When it comes to sleep dentistry, it is important to know that all methods, other than nitrous oxide do have lingering effects. There are often forgetful and tiresome behaviors that cause problems with performing normal activities, such as driving. It is always best to have a friend or family member available after the procedure or appointment. Additionally, it may be advised to take the day off from work, school, or physical activities. 

Find out more about sleep dentistry

When preparing to undergo a dental procedure, it may cause feelings of anxiety or restlessness. It is advised to consult with a dentist beforehand as there may be sleep dentistry options. To learn more about what is available or to determine what would work best, reach out today. A thorough evaluation can be done and any questions or concerns can be addressed. 

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