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A Dentist in Franklin Can Prevent Erosion Caused by Acid Reflux

DentistIn the war against acid reflux, a dentist in Franklin is your partner in good oral health.  Acid reflux can directly damage your teeth because the acid can lead to reflux-induced erosion.  This condition will break down the enamel that protects your teeth, leaving the dentin underneath exposed.  Since the dentin is porous and contains your nerve endings, the exposure of it can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and discomfort.  It can also make your teeth brittle and increase your risk of a tooth becoming chipped or cracked.

Our job is to help by keeping your teeth infection and cavity free.  When teeth are infected, they are more likely to break and become damaged.  Healthy teeth are naturally stronger.  You should have your teeth cleaned several times a year so that we can keep them healthy and free from harmful plaque. If you have uncontrolled acid reflux, you should visit our office quarterly as a precautionary measure.  During these appointments, we will look to see if the reflux is damaging your teeth.  If we see signs of erosion, we may recommend that you wear dental crowns on some of your teeth.  This is probably unnecessary on your front teeth but back teeth are at a particular risk, and it can be advantageous to take this precautionary measure before serious erosion occurs, and you lose part of your tooth structure.

In addition to visiting the dentist in Franklin, we recommend that you see your family doctor in order to get medication that can keep your reflux under control.  Typically a once a day pill can help to limit how much acid you have in your stomach.  You can also take antacids that are bought over the counter and try drinking soy or almond milk to see if it helps when you feel the acid coming on.  Avoiding acid foods like lemons and oranges can also help along with staying away from spicy foods and chocolate.  Pay attention to your diet in connection to your acid reflux.  When you eat something that causes a reaction, write it down so that you can avoid that food in the future. The more often you do this, you will be able to control your diet and your acid reflux more effectively.

If you do have an attack, avoid brushing your teeth for an hour.  It may seem like this is a good idea but at this time your teeth will be sensitive and brushing them can cause more damage.  Instead, rinse your mouth with water and brush with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste in order to strengthen your teeth and protect them.  You should also be sure to eat a diet that will make your teeth healthier.  This means you need to eat lean protein, dairy, leafy green veggies, and complex carbs while simultaneously avoiding foods that are high in sugar along with soda and desserts.  This will help your body and your teeth to be healthier in the long run.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call a dentist in Franklin.


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