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Does LANAP® Laser Treatment Regenerate Bone?

Laser Dentistry Franklin, TN

Looking for information on LANAP laser treatment? Many people experience gum disease, around 85% of adults according to the Mayo Clinic, which means there are lots of people seeking a solution. While mild gum disease can be addressed through deep cleanings, more aggressive gum disease can require more intensive treatment. In cases where gum disease cannot be addressed by cleaning alone, your dentist may recommend laser treatment.

Traditional surgery vs.LANAP laser treatment

Traditional surgery methods involve cutting and pushing back the gums in order to reach the affected area. By removing tissue and digging into the source, the dentist can access tooth rot and bacterial buildup. Once the dentist has reached the diseased area, they may use a scalpel to push back, remove or reshape bone and tissue before stitching the gums back together.

This traditional method of addressing gum disease comes with many side effects and has left many patients wishing for an alternative. Increased sensitivity, tooth root exposure and post-operative pain all commonly occur after traditional gum disease surgery, and some patients may even experience a higher risk of future disease or cavities as a result of exposing fresh bone tissue.

LANAP laser treatment

As an answer to the issues caused by traditional gum disease removal methods, LANAP laser treatments offer a safer and more comfortable alternative. While traditional surgery methods require the dentist to remove tissue in order to reach the affected area, LANAP laser treatments offer faster and better results without the need for tissue loss.

The lasers used in LANAP procedures target and remove dark colored bacteria, which is the main contributor to gum disease. Rather than removing tissue in order to remove bacteria, LANAP laser procedures are able to shine through skin and tissue to the affected area, helping to kill unwanted bacteria while preserving healthy and saveable tissue.

Once your dentist has addressed the infected gum pocket and used the LANAP laser to remove buildup and bacteria, the laser will warm and soften the gum pocket. The process of warming the gum pocket with the laser creates a sticky layer that helps to seal and protect the pocket from reopening and allowing for more contaminants to enter the pocket.

The bottom line

Beyond the health and comfort benefits of opting for LANAP laser treatments, the LANAP protocol also helps to regenerate bone. By stimulating stem cells to reform collagen and bone, the LANAP laser treatments help your body heal and regenerate lost bone around your teeth. In addition to killing the bacteria and infection, the LANAP treatment also stimulates stem cells in the tissues to form new connective tissues, collagen and bone. Your body’s healing process can then regenerate the previously lost ligaments and bone around the tooth for a stronger, healthier solution to gum disease. With a less painful process, easier healing time, and stunning results, it is no wonder so many people are enjoying the benefits of LANAP laser treatments.

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