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Easy to Eat Meal Ideas for After Oral Surgery in Franklin

Oral SurgeryIn our Franklin dental office, we perform oral surgery on a regular basis, helping to replace our patients' teeth.  Dental implant oral surgery is an excellent way to restore a tooth or teeth that have been lost.  It is the only solution that replaces both the tooth and the missing root.  Alternatives like a dental bridge or dentures only replace the missing tooth, and they are not surgically placed.  As a result, nothing is as long-lasting or sturdy as dental implants.

To complete the procedure, we surgically implant a titanium post under the gums and secure it to the jawbone.  This must be done in every spot where a tooth is missing. The titanium post and the jawbone will fuse together through the process of osseointegration, and this is what makes your new tooth so sturdy and durable.  We will give you anesthesia to ensure that you remain comfortable during this process, but there will be a healing and recovery time that must take place.  This is when you should be careful of what you eat.  Your gums will be sensitive, and you need to avoid irritating them.

Here are some meals that you can try after your oral surgery.


It is important to eat breakfast in the morning to ensure that you get the nutrition you need to have energy and start your day off right.  Make sure that you continue to eat balanced meals during your recovery since your body needs nutrition now more than ever.  An easy way to get it is by creating a smoothie.  Grab your blender and your favorite fruits, vegetables, yogurt and even protein powder.  Blend the ingredients together and use it to replace any meal that you like.  If you want something more substantial try making scrambled or boiled eggs since those are soft and easy to chew.


You should avoid a traditional sandwich for a while but can eat a hummus or tuna sandwich on soft bread.  They are both easy to chew and should not irritate your gums.  You could also opt for a vegetable or potato soup which will be even easier to eat.  Just be sure to wait until it has cooled off since extreme temperatures can cause irritation. Add a side of Jello, yogurt, pudding, or applesauce.


Replacing your dinner meal is one of the harder things to do after oral surgery since most people eat meat.  Soup is still a good option though you could eat a flaky piece of fish or some tofu instead of beef, pork or chicken.  You could also try a vegetarian dish made with cooked cauliflower since that is incredibly easy to eat and soft.  For a side dish try mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, or baked sweet potatoes.

When planning your diet, remember that this is only temporary.  Once your gums have healed, and your new tooth or teeth have been attached to the implant, you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods without restriction.  That is one of the primary benefits of dental implants.  They look and function like a natural tooth without requiring any additional maintenance, making the procedure and subsequent recovery time completely worth it.


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