General Dentist Can Help With Migraine Headaches and Prevention


As a Franklin, TN dentist, we help many patients who are suffering from migraine headaches. If you live in the 37067 area and are tired of waking up with constant headaches, we encourage you to call (615) 526-2493 and schedule an appointment with our general dentist office. We can examine you and determine if your headaches are caused by what is happening with your teeth while you sleep. Few people realize just how connected their teeth are to what happens with their face. After all, your jaw is connected to your head using the temporomandibular joint, so what happens to your teeth directly influences whether you have discomfort in your face or head. Keeping that in mind, we know migraine headaches often stem from grinding and clenching your teeth at night. Fortunately, this is something we can treat with relative ease.

Night Guards Are an Ideal Solution

At New Image Dentistry, we often recommend wearing night guards in order to prevent your teeth from touching. This ensures that they cannot grind at night or clench. By simply preventing your teeth from coming together, we can eliminate one of the significant causes of facial tension, headaches, and even migraines. While it seems incredibly simple, imagine how much force your jaw is able to wield. The human mouth, when it bites down, is incredibly strong. If your jaw is doing that on a nightly basis, imagine the pure strain being placed on your joints and muscles. It would be as if you were holding a heavyweight all night long, refusing to give your muscles rest. Naturally, that would produce incredible amounts of soreness. At New Image Dentistry, we ensure that your job muscles are able to rest and relax using this non-invasive and convenient solution.

Visit a Franklin General Dentist for Your Night Guards

We encourage you to visit our Franklin general dentist office and find out how much better you can feel by simply wearing night guards. This is an option so discreet, you can carry it with you when you travel, you can slip it in your mouth at night after getting into bed, and no one will really be able to tell that you are wearing a device. It is simple, it is discreet, and it is affordable. This means there is nothing standing in your way from feeling better. To schedule an appointment, call (615) 526-2493 and we will be happy to assist you in our Franklin, TN dental office.

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