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Our Patients Love Clear Braces!

We use clear braces to straighten our patient's teeth on a regular basis. This is one of the easiest ways to straighten teeth because of the fact that it does not interfere with your appearance during the process. We understand that many people want to straighten their teeth but are afraid of how they will look while doing so. Whether you are an executive needing to maintain a professional image or a bride getting married, it is not always very convenient to have your smile changed.

We get it, and that is why we offer clear braces. If you are unsure whether or not clear braces are right for you, we encourage you to visit our office for an exam and consultation. In the meantime, here are some of the types of people who come to our office for clear braces on a regular basis.


Clear Braces are a great option for:

College Students

Many of our patients are college students about to graduate high school and go off to college. During this exciting transition, many students are about to live on their own for the first time as an adult. CA student who changes his or her appearance may do so to begin the process of becoming a new person as an adult. For college students wanting to improve their smile as part of their new image, clear braces are truly an ideal solution.


Executives and other professionals that want to improve their appearance and their image at work, often turn to clear braces because it allows them to improve their overall image and how people perceive them but without taking the immediate hit to their appearance while doing so. Understandably, metal braces do not exactly convey an image of power and strength during a board meeting or sales presentation.

Clear braces, however, blend in with your teeth so that they are very difficult to notice and should not impact how people perceive you.

Brides and Grooms

Men and women getting married are focused on how they will appear both on the wedding day and in pictures for years to come. A crooked smile or teeth with gaps in between them can take away from those perfect photos. Wearing braces ahead of time can create a new and beautiful smile. Since these braces are clear, if your treatment is not complete before your wedding day, you can still smile without people noticing that you are wearing orthodontics.


Many seniors look forward to retirement, and once they get there, realize that they have a lot of time on their hands to do things that they may not have had time for previously. Improving their appearance is often part of that. We provide clear braces to seniors that are ready for a change in their appearance and want to start the next chapter in life with a straight and beautiful smile. This is one way to do so without making them feel like their braces-wearing grandchildren.

Schedule a clear braces consultation

If you are ready to improve your smile, call New Image Dentistry and schedule a consultation. We are confident that you will find many benefits to straightening your teeth with clear braces.

Schedule a consultation with New Image Dentistry, request an appointment in our Franklin dental office here: Or call us at (615) 526-2493.

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