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Professional Dental Cleaning: 6 Benefits

Professional dental cleaning can be extremely beneficial in maintaining good oral health and a beautiful, bright smile that is free of any stains.

While teeth can stay fairly clean through good oral hygiene and a consistent dental care routine, a buildup of tartar can occur over time despite efforts to prevent it, which is why it is important to have a dental cleaning regularly.

Benefits of professional dental cleaning

You have probably been told in the past that a dental cleaning is helpful, but have you ever really understood how exactly a dental cleaning can help you?

The following are the six main benefits of receiving a professional dental cleaning.

Prevent and treat tooth decay

Perhaps the biggest benefit received from a professional dental cleaning is that it helps to prevent tooth decay, and a dental cleaning can even help treat tooth decay that has already started.

Dental plaque can accumulate on the surface of teeth despite at-home efforts to prevent it. A deep dental cleaning, or even a regular dental cleaning, can remove hardened plaque that has formed over time, helping to prevent tooth decay.

Prevent and treat gum disease

Over time, more and more bacteria can accumulate on the gums and along the gum line, which puts individuals at an increased risk of gum disease.

A dental cleaning not only cleans the teeth, but it also cleans the gums and gum line to help prevent gum disease.

Detect oral health problems early

When going to the dentist for a dental cleaning, the dentist or dental hygienist checks for other oral health problems as well, such as cavities, effects of grinding teeth and gum disease.

When necessary, dentists and dental hygienist can also conduct a dental x-ray, which can reveal various health concerns, such as wisdom teeth growing in incorrectly or jaw problems.

Improve your smile

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of a professional dental cleaning is that it improves the patient’s smile.

When teeth are not regularly cleaned, they are vulnerable to stains, especially if the person drinks a lot of coffee, tea or consumes foods high in sugar often. A dental cleaning can help remove the stains and leave the patient with a beautiful, shiny smile.

Make teeth last longer

Teeth are used extensively throughout each day. From biting and chewing to accidentally grinding at various points in the day, we often ask a lot out of our teeth. Without care, they can wear down and fall out as we grow older.

Subsequently, it is helpful to give our teeth the care they desperately earn by making it to the dentist for a dental cleaning at various points throughout the year.

Save money long-term

Many do not visit the dentist for a dental cleaning out of the fear that it is too costly, which is not the case, and most insurance plans cover dental cleanings.

In the event you do not have insurance, dental cleanings are a great way to avoid more expensive dental procedures down the road.

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