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Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Aftercare Tips

Congratulations! You did it! Your once stained teeth – the result of consuming food and drinks throughout your life, as well as a natural discoloration of the teeth over time, are now are a few shades lighter! Truly a great investment that will reap dividends through the giving and receiving of many happy smiles amongst family, friends and work colleagues!  

Minor sensitivity is normal

Immediately after the process of the 40- to 60-minute teeth whitening session is completed, which can whiten teeth four to six shades lighter, there are some things you need to watch for. There may be a feeling of tooth and gum sensitivity or lips and cheeks can feel inflamed. This overall mouth sensitivity should go away within a day or two after the whitening session. If necessary, during this period of time, Tylenol or Advil can be taken for the pain. The sensitivity is due to the exposure of the whitening gel and/or the UV light. If lips feel chapped, this might simply be from having kept the mouth open for the duration of the teeth whitening procedure. Relieve the chapped lips with some lip balm or vitamin E cream. If tooth and mouth sensitivity or any adverse reactions continue for more than two days, do not hesitate in contacting the dentist.

Avoid staining foods immediately after the procedure

Take all dental instructions seriously and abstain from dark-colored food and drink for the initial 48 hours after the teeth were whitened. No Italian sausage laden with mustard, no burger and fries with ketchup, no pizza with red sauce, no tomato juice, red wine, colas, tea or coffee.

Long-term care

The teeth will be more resistant to staining after the first 48 hours but the next step is the hardest of all — maintaining those pearly white teeth in the long-term! Professional teeth whitening can last a few months or even years, but it needs to be understood that whitening does not last forever. Keep in mind that life happens and those freshly whitened teeth can become stained again. However, the regression can be slowed with lifestyle changes.

Smokers are encouraged to quit smoking before the teeth whitening procedure. If smoking is continued, teeth will quickly return to their stained state. When drinking beverages such as fruit juice or soda, using a straw minimizes the amount of fluid that touches the surface of the front teeth. Limit the intake of coffee, tea, wine and dark-colored foods such as berries and tomato sauce. Drinking more water can wash teeth, cleansing them of some of those staining additives. The dentist may suggest touching-up teeth with an ‘at home’ whitening tray that he or she provides but DO NOT touch-up the teeth until at least two weeks after your professional treatment.

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