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Steps of the Dental Crown Procedure

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges Franklin, TN

Getting a dental crown requires at least two dental visits. The procedure is usually recommended to fix a broken or damaged tooth, consequently restoring its function and appearance. This article highlights all the steps involved in a dental crown procedure.

Initial dental appointment

During the first visit to the dental office, the dentist may take x-rays of the tooth and jawbone to check for signs of decay and other factors that may cause infection or injury to the tooth pulp. In some cases, a root canal procedure might be necessary before placing the dental crown.

The tooth needs to be shaped to make room for the dental crown. However, the extent of reshaping is based on the type of crown and the severity of the problem. Metal dental crowns are often thinner, meaning they need less removal than porcelain crowns. The enamel will be filed down all around and any tooth decay will be cleaned out during the process.

If the patient has suffered severe decay or tooth damage, there may be inadequate tooth structure to support the dental crown. In this case, the dentist may use composite resin to build up the tooth’s structure so it can hold the crown.

After tooth preparation, the next step is to take impressions of the shaped tooth to create a matching tooth crown. The impression will also help ensure the crown aligns correctly against the teeth on the opposite side. This is important for bite alignment. The dentist can take impressions using paste or a digital scanner.

At this stage, they will need to make a note of vital details about the tooth that will affect the fabrication of the crow, such as the color and natural fit. Normally, the crown’s color should be identical to the tooth and nearby teeth so that it does not stand out after placement. Finally, the dentist will place a temporary dental crown over the tooth to protect it while the final piece is being made.

Second dental appointment – permanent crown placement

In the meantime, the dentist will forward the dental impressions to the dental lab to create them according to specifications. The process usually takes about three weeks, which explains why multiple appointments are needed for the procedure.

When the dental crown is ready, the next step is to place it over the tooth. If there is a temporary crown over the tooth, it will be removed first. The dentist will check to ensure that the crown has been fabricated correctly, meaning that it fits correctly and matches the rest of the teeth before cementing it permanently.

After administering a local anesthetic to number the tooth, the dental professional will use dental cement to fix the crown over the tooth, that is after making all the adjustments needed if any. Once the dental crown is cemented in, excess cement will be cleaned off, and the patient can soon be on their way.

Final note

A dental crown procedure is simple and should happen without any hassle. After placing the crown over the tooth, the patient will get instructions on how to care for their new restoration properly.

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