When are Removable Dentures Recommended?

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There are more options for improving a person’s smile than ever before: From dentures, bridges and implants, it can be overwhelming to decide which is the appropriate route to take. The decision process can be intimidating. Seeking out the advice of a healthcare professional is an important step in determining if dentures or dental implants are a better option. The following are reasons that dentures may be the option you are looking for.

Dentures are a quick fix

Dentures, bridgework and dental implants help solve the problem of missing teeth. However, dentures provide a quicker solution to help the patient get back to their everyday life. With proper care, dentures offer a functional solution to restore smiles and the problem of missing teeth.

Dental implants require multiple steps, dental surgery and long periods of waiting for the jaw and mouth to heal before the final step is complete.

Bridgework requires the existence of healthy teeth alongside the missing teeth. The natural teeth are filed down, and crowns are placed on them to secure the bridgework.

Full and partial dentures are a time-tested method for replacing missing teeth that do not require surgery into the bone or the filing down of healthy teeth. Instead, dentures have a gum-colored base that sits on top of the remaining bone ridge that once held the natural teeth.

Full and partial dentures are custom fit to the patient’s mouth. An impression of the top and bottom of the mouth is taken and sent to a dental laboratory where a natural-looking smile and balanced bite is created. After several months, the dentures may need to be re-lined or refitted as the shape of the mouth changes. Consistent dental care will ensure that beautiful smile.

Sometimes the only option

A lack of bone quantity or density makes permanent fixtures like dental implants unavailable. Other reasons that dentures may be a preferred method are due to health conditions such as diabetes or a compromised immune system.

Occasionally, dentures are the only option. Replacing missing teeth is important to prevent other problems and restore the facial contours that occur after the loss of teeth. Collapse can occur when tooth loss causes lips and cheeks to lose support and wrinkles to increase.


The cost of dentures is less than dental implants. It is determined on the condition of the mouth, style and material chosen and where you are having the work done. It is important to receive detailed estimates before beginning the work. The best way to determine fees and ongoing cost of care is to schedule an appointment where questions can be asked and detailed answers given based on individual needs.

Choose a dentist who is within your insurance network, as dentures are often covered. If insurance is not available, ask the clinic about financing options. The longer you wait to address missing teeth, the sooner that other issues can develop, which include nutritional problems and systemic health disorders.

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